Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry..

what can I say, the man is a genius on the football field – not to overlook of course the magnificent performances of Eboue and Van Persie…

Spent Saturday evening sampling the FANTASTIC raw chocolate nut butter cups made by Suki ( – the girl is a genius in the kitchen.. go look at her blog and see the pictures..


Please let that be the end of it

The nightmare that is Celebrity Big Brother that is.  Even though I barely watch tv and don’t read those awful free papers that litter the streets of our glorious capital City (please note I don’t call them newspapers), I can’t get away from those headlines.

The only slight silver lining is that I hear all the money from the telephone calls will go to charity, I really hope that this is true.

A sad indictment on our society that such a large proportion of the population is so interested in bickering and bullying. 

To (hopefully) happier things – go go Gunners tomorrow against MUFC.

Shame that both the Jets and the Giants are out of the NFL, now that would have been a glorious day of sport.

Love Thursdays, don’t have to go to the office on Fridays…

So feeling very happy indeed… specially as am off to Vita Organic ( tonight with a couple of the girls for a smoke-free night of green juice and salad.

By the way, to all you raw fooders out there, go to VO as much as possible, it’s all we have!  And each time ask Phong (?) when he is going to reintroduce his raw food menu – the more people who ask the more likely it is to happen…

Thought I had poisoned myself this morning by managing to blend the contents of the silica gel packet from my jar of Thor’s Raw Power into my breakfast smoothie…. however according to a very helpful website, silica gel is non-toxic for cats, so I guess I will survive too.  Still alive now at any rate.

Have been reading up on HTML tags recently so will use this blog to try and practise – will have to wait for another day.. as nearly home time.


Seeing as I have started, I should continue..

Suki ( and I are hosting a Raw Choc Pot Luck on Saturday 10th March at her flat in Battersea @ 7pm.  Tube: South Ken/Sloane Square; bus: 319/49/345; train: Clapham Junction; free street parking.

Please let me know if you would like to come and how much chocolate or green salad you will be bringing!

Cath & Suki

Hello world!

Here I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

Let’s hope my posts get more interesting as I get to grips with the technology..