2 months gone already

Well here we are, last day of the month.  Tomorrow is going to be a fairly momentous day in my life – full details to follow…

My March workshop is nearly full, and I have a further one planned for April 28th, so if any of you out there are considering introducing more raw foods into their life then drop me an email or call me – I would love to hear from you.

And a Happy St David’s Day to everyone for tomorrow!



Had a glorious weekend in Kent on one of Antonia Boyle’s ‘Yoga and detox’ weekends.  Lots and lots of yoga – and totally different to the type of yoga I normally practise (in my gym).  So much more time available  and so much more stretching possible, in mind as well as body.  In addition we had sessions on NLP and EFT which were mind blowing.  During the NLP session Antonia more or less regressed one of my closest friends back to when she was 6 and a right show-off she was then too…

Was difficult returning to the real world on Sunday evening after effectively living in a cocoon… but now it is time to concentrate on my workshop on March 24th!

Have also recently had my mercury fillings taken out, am feeling a bit peaky as a result of the mercury now flowing round my system as my body tries to get rid of it.  I am confident that in a few weeks I will be flying even higher than I was before!  Am making sure I nourish my body with plenty of green juices and superfoods…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s to you all.  My hubby is working late tonight.. will just have to eat the raw choc hearts that I made for him….

New York, New York

Have just returned from a fantastic long weekend in New York – despite the wind chill factor apparently reducing the temperature to 8 deg F (something like -13 deg C).  And don’t let anyone tell you that it is only the British who are obsessed with the weather, New Yorkers talk about it non-stop too!

As it was far too cold to think of shopping for any summer clothes, I had no alternative but to fill my large suitcase with raw foods – well with the exchange rate the way it is it would have been silly not to.

Had the most amazing meal at Pure Food and Wine (http://www.purefoodandwine.com) and also visited Bonobos (http://www.bonobosrestaurant.com).  Didn’t make it to any of the other restaurants on my list unfortunately, will just have to return later in the year I guess.