that’s my main feeling at the moment. This is the last day of my being an employee after almost 20 years of working in the corporate world (apart from 2001/2002 when I was lucky enough to spend my time working with rescued cats/dogs/rabbits in New York).  Don’t get me wrong though, I am very excited about working for myself!  Just need to get myself out of that employee mindset.

 I started taking ionic minerals today, want my body to be as vitalised as possible for my new life ahead of me!  I am sometimes asked why raw fooders take supplements and superfoods as surely we should be getting all the goodness we need from our diet anyway?  Well as I see it the answer is two-fold: 1) when I went raw I experienced such a shift in how I felt (and I felt pretty good before!) that I decided I wanted to carry on feeling improvements every day! I wonder if there will ever be a day when I think yup, that’s it, I just can’t feel any better than this – I doubt it!

And the second point, more seriously, is that although as a raw fooder I eat lots of health giving fruits and vegetables and sprouted grains and beans, and even though most if not all of these are organic, they are still not as healthy as they would have been in the past.  Years of mono farming since World War II has depleted our soil of the essential nutrients that it used to contain.

Anyway enough seriousness and back to ionic minerals – these are directly absorbable by the body whereas I understand that conventional mineral supplements often cannot be used by the body and can get stored in the tissues and organs. And the best thing is you only need to take 1 tsp a day!

Thanks to those people who have posted comments on this site – and to anyone who is thinking of posting a comment – please do!  It is nice to know that people are out there reading…


The day before G-Day

Goji day that is – tomorrow is the day that the EU in all their wisdom (hmm) decide whether or not to ban goji berries for the next two years.  I hope everybody has stocked up just in case….

Isn’t the weather mad?  Had the loveliest weekend in Geneva visiting my fab friend Paul, who is something very important in the UN (although you wouldn’t know it to talk to him – sorry Paul), where we even got a little bit sunburnt, to return to snow!

Although Geneva was lovely, I wouldn’t advise living there as a raw fooder – not if you want to eat out anyway! I got lots of cross looks from waiters when all I wanted was the side salad without the dressing, I think they must have taken it personally that I didn’t want to eat their meat or cheese.  Oh well, I didn’t go for the food anyway!

Went to a very interesting talk during the week given by Roger Hamilton where he talked about the fact that every entrepreneur is one of 8 types, and the way to wealth is to follow the path of least resistance, ie go with the type that you are and follow that path. Of course, the talk was free and so he didn’t reveal how you decide what type you are, you have to go on one of his weekend seminars to discover that.. but hey, still food for thought on a cold wet Tuesday night.

Last day of the week

for me, anyway.  And only two weeks left of being an employee, can’t wait.  I have been told that then the REAL work will start.

Went to a very interesting talk at the weekend given by Simon  where he reminded us that the EU are all set to withdraw goji berries from sale from 24 March – just over a week away! That was enough to put me in a panic, and buy kgs of them, luckily I have a cellar to store them in…

Spring is here..

Isn’t it wonderful.  I really feel like I am walking around with a spring in my step. Maybe it is just the reducing levels of mercury in my body after having had my fillings removed last month, maybe it is the aloe vera gel I have started taking (see my page on this amazing superfood), maybe it is the NSA treatment I am having from the marvellous Fiona Marsden, maybe a combination of all of these, but I definitely feel that the sun has a lot to do with it. I noticed when I lived in New York (where it is much sunnier than here) that everyone seemed so much happier and alive.  And make sure you all let the sun get to your bare skin, no covering up with suntan lotion, have you ever looked at the ingredients on the bottles?  Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood as if we had eaten it, would you eat all those toxic chemicals…?

Visited the wonderful Vita Organic last night and the raw food menu is back on!! You have to ask for it though, so make sure you do, you’ll be glad!

Our raw chocolate pot luck at the weekend was fantastic, very busy, lots of lovely raw people all getting cacao’d up.. all the chocolate that people made was amazing, and the salads too – so thank you to everyone who came.  Will post the pictures soon.

Apart from that I have been busy preparing for my workshop in March which is now full – am really looking forward to meeting all the lovely people who are coming to learn about raw foods.

I did it

I resigned – and congratulations to Louise who guessed what my momentous decision was.

So less than one month left as an employee, after that it is raw food teaching for me all the way.  Well that and doing my bit to promote superfoods such as aloe vera and gojis  – more on that later.

Suki and I are holding our Raw Choc Pot Luck this Saturday, which means I get to spend some time before then playing in the kitchen and experimenting with different flavours – and of course the evening will be an exercise in will power to not eat TOO much.  If you think normal chocolate keeps you awake at night then you haven’t tried raw chocolate..

Will post some (hopefully) mouth watering pictures after the event.