The day before G-Day

Goji day that is – tomorrow is the day that the EU in all their wisdom (hmm) decide whether or not to ban goji berries for the next two years.  I hope everybody has stocked up just in case….

Isn’t the weather mad?  Had the loveliest weekend in Geneva visiting my fab friend Paul, who is something very important in the UN (although you wouldn’t know it to talk to him – sorry Paul), where we even got a little bit sunburnt, to return to snow!

Although Geneva was lovely, I wouldn’t advise living there as a raw fooder – not if you want to eat out anyway! I got lots of cross looks from waiters when all I wanted was the side salad without the dressing, I think they must have taken it personally that I didn’t want to eat their meat or cheese.  Oh well, I didn’t go for the food anyway!

Went to a very interesting talk during the week given by Roger Hamilton where he talked about the fact that every entrepreneur is one of 8 types, and the way to wealth is to follow the path of least resistance, ie go with the type that you are and follow that path. Of course, the talk was free and so he didn’t reveal how you decide what type you are, you have to go on one of his weekend seminars to discover that.. but hey, still food for thought on a cold wet Tuesday night.


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  1. Suki said,

    March 23, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    i went to see Roger last month. I passed on him this week though – more about that to follow when I’ve finished processing… Seemed like everyone there wanted to be Creators – all the Traders & Supporters looked most put out! x

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