A man knocked on my door this morning to say he had seen someone pick up a parcel from my doorstep and run away with it.. well I don’t live in the nicest part of London (although I like living here) so I wasn’t particularly surprised.  However what was so lovely about this news was that this man said that he had chased the boy down the road but couldn’t catch up with him – how lovely of a complete stranger to do that!

The mystery is, what was the parcel – I thought it was maybe my vegetable delivery (which was stolen this time last week!) but that turned up this afternoon.  Or a delivery I was expecting of coconut oil and lecithin (I was chuckling at the thief’s reaction when he found out what was in the parcel) but that turned up today too.  So, if anyone has sent me a parcel that I wasn’t expecting then please let me know! 

Anyway, I have been busy busy busy since leaving my old job – how did I find time to work I wonder?  Tonight I am helping the lovely Anna Marcon with a raw food demo to London Vegans – being the skivvy, washing up etc.  Should be fun – let’s hope as a helper I get to taste some of the food too..

I have just realised that my May workshop is on Cup Final day – and I can’t decide whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I personally have lost all interest in football since I went raw (bunch of over-paid prima donnas, destroying the environment with their gas guzzling cars) but then that is just me. 

I am also currently planning a workshop at the Haelan Centre in Crouch End,  and also potentially one in Cobham.  Watch this space for more information! 


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