What a week …

I have had.

Tuesday saw me getting up at 3am to drive to Manchester to see Mike Dooley give an AMAZING talk, truly inspirational. I would really recommend that everyone sign up for his Notes from the Universe straight away. And all the fantastic energy coming from a room full of 250 positive people sustained me throughout the drive back (along a practically empty M6, thank you for that Universe) and has kept me on a high ever since! I even felt inspired to go out and buy a visualisation timer.

(And yes I know we don’t look as gorgeous as we should, but hey it was an early start.)

And I know it isn’t very environmentally friendly, but it was either drive, fly or pay Richard Branson about £200 for the pleasure of going on one of his trains, um, no thanks.

Wednesday I had a double dose of NSA from Fiona Marsden – NSA is really the best thing I have ever come across, it really does ‘open you up’ and make all things appear possible. I can’t explain how it works, I can just see that it does.

And then yesterday I was at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Victoria, which was just a great day. This was my first time at one of these, and I am a definite convert. The minute I walked in I had my aura photographed, which was incredible – I am ‘blue’ which means I am ‘caring, sensitive, loving, helpful, loyal, helper, compassion, peaceful, desire to be of service and to help and support others, nurturing.’ All of which I would agree with!

I only wish I had had this done before I went raw – as I am sure I would have had a completely different aura then.

In addition I went to a Goddess workshop with Cordelia Brabbs – which was great. Then I had a healing session from the Natural Federation of Spiritual Healers Charitable Trust followed by a DNA Activation from Carole Easton. In between times I met the lovely people from Tree Harvest and also discussed the benefits of raw chocolate (and yes, Garnet, I will be forwarding the chocolate recipes very soon!).

Followed by dinner at Vita Organic… almost too much excitement all in one day.


National Smile Month

I recently came across this great site. And seeing as we are now apparently in National Smile Month I thought I would write a bit about oil pulling.
Basically this involves taking a dessertspoonful of organic cold pressed sesame oil and swilling it around your mouth for about 25 minutes. This needs to be done on an empty stomach so best to do it first thing in the morning.

Apparently this has been recommended for years by Ayurvedic practitioners.

After 25 mins spit the oil out, and you will notice that it has gone a creamy white colour due to the toxins it has absorbed from the mouth. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed that my teeth appear whiter and they also ‘feel’ stronger.

It is best to do this every day.. but I realise this is unlikely, so I would suggest just doing it whenever you can.  It is a very cheap way to detox, a bottle of sesame oil only costs a few £.

It is also Be Nice to Nettles Week (16 – 27 May).  I personally am celebrating this by picking nettles from the Parkland Walk (the route of a former railway line) near where I live, and having them in green smoothies… yum!  They taste great and are free!

Of course the US have to go one step further and have an entire Bike Month.  Well since leaving my job in March I have been using my bike to get around anyway, and am loving it.  Contrary to popular belief I find that most motorists in London are incredibly considerate – maybe that’s down to my positive attitude and the fact that I do (occasionally) stop at red lights.. 

Finally just to say I still have a few places for my workshop tomorrow – I appear to have chosen a date that the whole of London is going away.. so if you are interested in learning more about raw food then do call me on 07734 294 548 or email me on reallivingfood@yahoo.com, or leave a comment here.

Raw food stall

Hm I meant to put this as a page but it has ended up as a post, so I guess I’ll leave it here anyway.

I have had a few enquiries as to when I will have my stall at Sunnyside again so may as well mention it here: 

I can occasionally be found at Sunnyside Organic Food Market, at the corner of Hazelville Road and St John’s Way, N19, next to Elthorne Park. I sell a variety of raw food snacks including dehydrated nut and seed crackers, crunchy marinated raw seeds, raw chocolate hearts and raw chocolate brownies.  I also have some gojis, bee pollen and cacao nibs in small bags.

Last time my good friend Di was running the stall with me, selling Onyabags and also some lovely courgette plants that she had grown from seed using compost from her wormery. Truly eco!

I am hoping to be there again on Saturday 26th May.

A further date for your diaries is Saturday 7th July when Sunnyside are holding their summer fair.

Have spent the last two Saturdays in Brighton, the first one a real treat – shopping with my lovely friend Paula – well, watching her shop really as she has recently been promoted and is now earning mega$ (well compared to me anyway..)And then yesterday visiting Andrew’s cousin Steve who has recently moved there. No shopping this time but drinks on the beach and then dinner watching the sun go down at the fantastic Alfresco which is right above the beach. And full marks to the lovely Italians there who made me a fantastic BIG raw salad….how many times have you asked for a salad when out and ended up with a beautifully arranged but TINY salad? I am convinced that a lot of people think us raw fooders have eating disorders and/or are anorexic…