Raw food stall

Hm I meant to put this as a page but it has ended up as a post, so I guess I’ll leave it here anyway.

I have had a few enquiries as to when I will have my stall at Sunnyside again so may as well mention it here: 

I can occasionally be found at Sunnyside Organic Food Market, at the corner of Hazelville Road and St John’s Way, N19, next to Elthorne Park. I sell a variety of raw food snacks including dehydrated nut and seed crackers, crunchy marinated raw seeds, raw chocolate hearts and raw chocolate brownies.  I also have some gojis, bee pollen and cacao nibs in small bags.

Last time my good friend Di was running the stall with me, selling Onyabags and also some lovely courgette plants that she had grown from seed using compost from her wormery. Truly eco!

I am hoping to be there again on Saturday 26th May.

A further date for your diaries is Saturday 7th July when Sunnyside are holding their summer fair.

Have spent the last two Saturdays in Brighton, the first one a real treat – shopping with my lovely friend Paula – well, watching her shop really as she has recently been promoted and is now earning mega$ (well compared to me anyway..)And then yesterday visiting Andrew’s cousin Steve who has recently moved there. No shopping this time but drinks on the beach and then dinner watching the sun go down at the fantastic Alfresco which is right above the beach. And full marks to the lovely Italians there who made me a fantastic BIG raw salad….how many times have you asked for a salad when out and ended up with a beautifully arranged but TINY salad? I am convinced that a lot of people think us raw fooders have eating disorders and/or are anorexic…


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