National Smile Month

I recently came across this great site. And seeing as we are now apparently in National Smile Month I thought I would write a bit about oil pulling.
Basically this involves taking a dessertspoonful of organic cold pressed sesame oil and swilling it around your mouth for about 25 minutes. This needs to be done on an empty stomach so best to do it first thing in the morning.

Apparently this has been recommended for years by Ayurvedic practitioners.

After 25 mins spit the oil out, and you will notice that it has gone a creamy white colour due to the toxins it has absorbed from the mouth. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed that my teeth appear whiter and they also ‘feel’ stronger.

It is best to do this every day.. but I realise this is unlikely, so I would suggest just doing it whenever you can.  It is a very cheap way to detox, a bottle of sesame oil only costs a few £.

It is also Be Nice to Nettles Week (16 – 27 May).  I personally am celebrating this by picking nettles from the Parkland Walk (the route of a former railway line) near where I live, and having them in green smoothies… yum!  They taste great and are free!

Of course the US have to go one step further and have an entire Bike Month.  Well since leaving my job in March I have been using my bike to get around anyway, and am loving it.  Contrary to popular belief I find that most motorists in London are incredibly considerate – maybe that’s down to my positive attitude and the fact that I do (occasionally) stop at red lights.. 

Finally just to say I still have a few places for my workshop tomorrow – I appear to have chosen a date that the whole of London is going away.. so if you are interested in learning more about raw food then do call me on 07734 294 548 or email me on, or leave a comment here.


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