What a week …

I have had.

Tuesday saw me getting up at 3am to drive to Manchester to see Mike Dooley give an AMAZING talk, truly inspirational. I would really recommend that everyone sign up for his Notes from the Universe straight away. And all the fantastic energy coming from a room full of 250 positive people sustained me throughout the drive back (along a practically empty M6, thank you for that Universe) and has kept me on a high ever since! I even felt inspired to go out and buy a visualisation timer.

(And yes I know we don’t look as gorgeous as we should, but hey it was an early start.)

And I know it isn’t very environmentally friendly, but it was either drive, fly or pay Richard Branson about £200 for the pleasure of going on one of his trains, um, no thanks.

Wednesday I had a double dose of NSA from Fiona Marsden – NSA is really the best thing I have ever come across, it really does ‘open you up’ and make all things appear possible. I can’t explain how it works, I can just see that it does.

And then yesterday I was at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Victoria, which was just a great day. This was my first time at one of these, and I am a definite convert. The minute I walked in I had my aura photographed, which was incredible – I am ‘blue’ which means I am ‘caring, sensitive, loving, helpful, loyal, helper, compassion, peaceful, desire to be of service and to help and support others, nurturing.’ All of which I would agree with!

I only wish I had had this done before I went raw – as I am sure I would have had a completely different aura then.

In addition I went to a Goddess workshop with Cordelia Brabbs – which was great. Then I had a healing session from the Natural Federation of Spiritual Healers Charitable Trust followed by a DNA Activation from Carole Easton. In between times I met the lovely people from Tree Harvest and also discussed the benefits of raw chocolate (and yes, Garnet, I will be forwarding the chocolate recipes very soon!).

Followed by dinner at Vita Organic… almost too much excitement all in one day.


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