Yeeeayy for Gojis

Have just heard that the FSA have agreed NOT to ban gojis, so our precious berries are safe. Phew.

I went to the Bristol Vegan Fayre the weekend before last – was great, a lovely vibe, and I bumped into people from London every few minutes!  All the raw stalls seemed to be selling chocolate so of course I had to try them all – just in case the taste had changed since the last time..

I went to a lovely talk given by Kate Wood, and also a demo by Jess.  Didn’t go back for the Sunday, so missed one of my favourite ever bands, The Beat.  If anyone saw them, can they let me know how they were?  Although I suspect it is better I remember them as they were in the glory days of 2 Tone when I was at school..

Not much else to report on, apart from the fact that I have a couple of places left on the raw food workshop on Sunday 1st July, so let me know if you are interested in coming along.  If all my plans work out I may not be around much for the last few months of the year, so if you have been thinking of coming to a workshop then contact me now!


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