July ramblings

Ok I feel like I want to write about the weather, but I am sure everyone is bored of that.  Suffice to say how grateful I am to live in London and apart from getting a bit wet on Friday (although I missed the downpour that was described to me as ‘like the end of the world’ as I was in the tube) and the cricket being delayed that day, I really haven’t suffered at all.  And our leaking roof has stood up to it so far, fingers crossed we get some dry weather soon so that we can actually get it mended..

I have (rather foolishly) agreed to do a children’s workshop this week for the Elthorne/Sunnyside Community.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely NOT a natural when it comes to kids.  So if I don’t post for a while after this it will be because I am still getting over the experience.. Still, I was offered the chance to get them young, so couldn’t turn it down.

Apart from thinking about that, in the last few weeks I have had 2 (!) angel readings, a metaphysical counselling session, my natal chart drawn up and an amazing (and painful) massage and reflexology treatment.  No wonder I am feeling a bit away with the fairies at the mo..

So back to earth, next set of workshops on 11th and 12th August, let me know if you are interested in booking. 


July workshops

Just three places left on my workshop on Sunday 15th July – contact me if you are interested!  Timing is 12 – 4pm.

Next workshops after that are Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd July, both 10am to 4pm. All are at my house in Finsbury Park, N4.

Then after that on Saturday 11th August and Sunday 12th August, 10am to 4pm.


A friend of mine recently told me that when she went running she would say a mantra along the lines of ‘I am blessed, I am grateful, thank you’.  I thought I would try this when I went swimming the other morning – it pretty much fitted in with the the rhythm of the crawl that I was doing.  And the amazing thing is, I was able to do crawl for half an hour non-stop – which is unusual for me, I generally have to intersperse the odd length of breast stroke just to keep my breathing under control. So there you go, living proof of the power of gratitude!

Matt Monarch is coming to town

Matt Monarch is coming to London!
A Lecture on Friday July 27th.
The Upper Room, 8 Greenland Street, Camden Town, NW1.
(cash on the door)
Doors 7pm – Talk at 7.30pm

Matt is a Raw Food Educator who has lived healthfully on 100% raw
foods for 7 years.
He has presented over 200 lectures & appeared as a key speaker at
many events & festivals all over the world.
He is the author of Raw Spirit & the owner of The Raw Food World &
Living Nutritionals.
Matt was featured in a Raw Food TV Spot that aired over 15 times on
Al Gores new TV Network, Current TV (view it at www.RawSpirit.org).
He is well versed in people’s needs and concerns about health – with
a passion for colonics & cleansing.