Back from France

Well I have just had the best cycling holiday in Burgundy. Weather was perfect for cycling – not too hot, and dry after the first day (when we managed to avoid the rain, not like the rest of the group…)

Still managed to get sunburnt though.

We should be so thankful that food-wise we live in the UK – France really has no idea.  Every night I ate lettuce and tomatoes (supplemented by whatever I had brought along with me that evening) – got very practised at explaining in my schoolgirl french that, yes, I wanted salad for starter and for main. Still it meant that I was eating very lightly in the evenings, and my digestion definitely thanked me for that!

And as for the days, thank goodness for Petit Casinos, all selling delicious avocadoes, nectarines, plums, cherries.. way more fruit than I would normally eat, but hey had to fuel all that cycling. And what a joy to be out of doors all day on the empty French roads, enjoying the uphills as much as the down. And then returning to the beautiful weather at the weekend just made it perfect. 

Am preparing for the arrival of builders later in the week to install a new flat roof.. I have been ignoring the leak for years, but things came to a head when I realised that my records and Andrew’s books had all got wet and stuck together..

So everyone out there please visualise lots of nice weather so all the work can go smoothly..


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