New moon

Watch out for the new moon this weekend – I came across an article on the effects of the moon on human behaviour, and apparently when the moon is full or new, the gravitional pull of the moon and sun is combined therefore increasing the pull on the Earth and therefore the effect on our behaviour. On new moon days, the dark side of the moon faces Earth – and this means that these days are conducive for negative activities and therefore inauspicious for any positive activities. Great excuse for putting off starting a new project!

The new moon can also cause our suppressed feelings to come up, so if you are feeling angry or sad in the few days leading up to this weekend then this is normal – just let those feelings come out, but don’t take your anger out on anyone else. Instead do yoga, meditate, drink lots of green juice, go for a run or out for a bike ride. And don’t forget your affirmations when you are exercising – I can honestly say that I enjoyed my cycling holiday even more this year as I was saying positive affirmations again and again while cycling through the beautiful Burgundy countryside.


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