Microwave madness

I was listening to Radio 4 the other day, and one of the speakers was actually trying to argue that the most nutritious way to eat vegetables was to microwave them! I couldn’t believe that anyone could seriously believe that. And as far as I am aware he didn’t work for a microwave manufacturer..

So I was very pleased when just a week or so after this madman was allowed to broadcast to the nation I received this article by Mike Adams (who was recently interviewed on Raw Summit).  I actually believe that microwaves are more harmful than this article implies, and find it scarey how much they are used. When on holiday in France recently I noticed them being used to heat up both milk (for coffee) and water..  shocking.

And then what do I hear on the radio this morning – that mothers who eat junk food are more likely to have obese children. Well I never. Who would have thought it. And they even had a mother on the radio claiming that the research didn’t stand up as it was done on rats and we are not rats – well yes I would agree with that, but I bet the same woman happily uses medication that has been tested on rats.. 


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