Weekend of bliss

I woke up the other morning with the thought ‘I am the luckiest girl in the world’ going through my head. So I decided to spend 5 minutes thinking of why I was feeling so happy. And the thoughts came flooding in: I was having lunch with my husband at Locanda Locatelli that day to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary; the decorators had finally finished the outside of the house; it wasn’t raining; bank holiday weekend coming up with a family BBQ planned; one of my cats purring as she sat on my feet; all simple things, but the combination made me feel fantastic!

Was listening again to Brenda Cobb on Raw Summit and she made the point that in her opinion there are four reasons that people get sick, which are (in order): our thoughts, toxicity, nutritional deficiency, and a dirty impacted colon.

So, in order to heal ourselves: (1) listen to Louise Hay and start doing affirmations, (2) clear your bathroom and kitchen of toxic chemicals, take chlorella, zeolite, and other supplements to detoxify heavy metals from your system, (3) stop eating meat/dairy/fish and start eating more raw and living foods, and drink lots and lots of clean water and green juices, and (4) go to a good colonic hydrotherapist – of course I recommend Suki for the best colonic in town (and therapy session included!).

And for a more spiritual workout consider some metaphysical healing – Anthea Durand is an amazing healer who runs various classes as well as one-to-one sessions.


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