Festival of Life Part 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Festival of Life in Islington. I decided to be a paying customer rather than have a stall, so I could go to a few talks and have a wander. So making the most of my freedon, I had a quick angel reading followed by an aura reading/photograph. Watched a fantastic demo by Gina and also went to a really good talk by the double act of Adam ‘n’ Warren followed by a glass of their delicious kombucha. The only time I ever tried to make kombucha it tasted of vinegar, so it was good to know what this fantastic drink is meant to taste like.

Was very controlled in only having one piece of chocolate while I was there (one of Liz’s truffles), as I feel that Sunday may result in chocolate overload (I will be selling my favourite flavours, purple corn and spirulina/crystal manna).

For those born under the sign of Aries, Saturn is entering the 6th House of Health and Diet, and so now is the time to make lifestyle changes and improvements to your diet. So it sounds like the right time for me to be setting off to The Tree of Life.


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