Drivin’ through the US of A

Back from a fantastic holiday in the US.  We started off in San Francisco and ended up in Seattle via Crater Lake, Mount Shasta, Mount Adams, Portland and Mount Rainier. Stayed in Ashland, Oregon for one night and very disappointed not to bump into Victoria Boutenko (mind you we didn’t go out until 8pm and struggled to find anywhere that was actually open at such a late hour).  She was in the phone book, was tempted to call but ran out of time…

Portland was a delight – came across the lovely raw restaurant Blossoming Lotus about 5 minutes walk from our hotel, lovely shops in the Pearl District, fantastic bookshop Powells and friendly locals!

Managed to visit 3 out of the 4 Cafe Gratitude restaurants in SF, all of which were fantastic. I wanted to eat everything on the menu – luckily I managed to eat most of my husband’s food as well. Didn’t manage to make it to Alive restaurant unfortunately, next time!

Found lots of co-ops too which made a change from Wholefoods. And the salads that ‘normal’ restaurants prepared for me were so much more interesting than over here. Got more difficult as we got further north and in Seattle I was back to having lettuce and tomatoes. They don’t really get vegan there, I guess because there is so much fish around.

Enough about food, also made it to an Angels Workshop in SF on International Angel’s Day and the following day had a fantastic massage from Christine, one of the attendees!


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