Tree of Life

This place is awesome! It is impossible to describe it. I feel like I am in a perpetual state of bliss, even when I have my arms in greasy washing up water, chopping bowls and bowls of salad vegetables, hanging out the washing…

I am almost 2 weeks in and am already distraught that I have only 8 weeks left here in this magical place. And that is despite the dorm conditions (one bathroom between about 15 of us??!!!) and the cold walk up to the cafe for early morning shifts.

If anyone is thinking of doing the kitchen apprenticeship here then I can definitely recommend it. The beautiful clear night skies, hot sun every day so far (I have never been so brown, and didn’t burn at all despite not using sunscreen) and the best people you could surround yourself with. It is truly amazing spending time with the positive thinking, loving and helpful people that are my new ‘family’.

And if that wasn’t enough, today I made some raw fudge using the hot sun to melt the coconut oil – you can’t get much better than that in my book.


Raw Spirit

Well, what can I say. The most AMAZING few days, just hanging out in Sedona, listening to fantastic speakers, eating beautiful food, and even being part of a Raw Chef panel (just to fill a gap, but hey I’m not proud). Also helped Suki with her demo – having to prep for a food demo in a busy kitchen where they were trying to plate up 2,000 dinners was shall we say interesting.

We were on the verge of booking a hotel for next year it was that good! Then we realised that the venue hadn’t been finalised.. which given that it is a raw fest is not surprising.

Among those giving talks were David Wolfe (funny and informative as ever), Victorias Kulvinskas (truly inspiring), Tonya Zavasta (the funniest speaker I have seen) with a cameo appearance from her husband, Annie Jubb (who has inspired me to do a 14 day gall bladder and liver cleanse when I get back) and many many more. Also demos, leadership sharing circles, live music, and lots and lots of stalls selling yummy products and supplements.

And of course sunny every day, if a bit cold in the evenings..!

Feeling very very full

after having the tasting menu at Juliano’s.. 6 courses, we foolishly thought that the servings would be smaller for a tasting menu, but oh no. So we had to admit ourselves beaten and take some away with us. The man himself appeared towards closing, so we managed to get pictures of us girls with him, can’t put them up here now so you will just have to use your imagination..

My flying trip to LA has been fantastic, two trips to Juliano’s, two to Euphoria, one to Taste of the Goddess, and that is just the food.. also fitted in a walk from Pacific Pallisades along the beach to Venice, a trip to Erewhon (where we found Irish Moss yeeeaayy – anyone who has the Cafe Gratitude recipe book will realise why this is so exciting),  a drive around Hollywood, and met a fantastic dog called Slim, the soppiest and sweetest pit bull you could hope to meet.

Tomorrow sees the long trip to Sedona, no doubt with Corinna lead-booting it down the freeway while I eat the Juliano left-overs.

That’s it for now..

Off to LA tomorrow and then Arizona for my big adventure. Not sure whether I will be able to update this at all, so will be back writing in December, at least I will have a lot to talk about then!

Enjoy the rest of the year everyone.

Will leave you with something very disturbing I learned at the weekend (thanks Elena) – Supermarkets irradiate their organic food so that it lasts longer on the shelves – yeeeeuuuch. I always said that Tesco was the devil and now I know I was right.

Christopher Howard (again)

Yes I know it isn’t on again until March but as a few people have been asking me about the Breakthrough to Success Seminar I went on I thought I would put the link up now – so here it is.

Back in London – for a while!

Having a quiet week after the life-changing Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success weekend (which I keep on writing as Breathethrough, actually that makes sense too).  Am trying the joys of Borough Market for the first time today (and yeeayy sunny day for the walk there), then going to make another attempt to understand ‘What the Bleep’. Luckily this time have Di with me to make sure I stick it out until the end.
Workshops this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, spaces are available, and this are my last ones until January next year, so if you have been thinking of coming along, this could be the one!
Have almost decided what I am going to take to Arizona with me, what with all the books/sleeping bag/yoga mat/pillow, it looks like there will be no room for clothes.. let’s hope it’s warm.