Tree of Life

This place is awesome! It is impossible to describe it. I feel like I am in a perpetual state of bliss, even when I have my arms in greasy washing up water, chopping bowls and bowls of salad vegetables, hanging out the washing…

I am almost 2 weeks in and am already distraught that I have only 8 weeks left here in this magical place. And that is despite the dorm conditions (one bathroom between about 15 of us??!!!) and the cold walk up to the cafe for early morning shifts.

If anyone is thinking of doing the kitchen apprenticeship here then I can definitely recommend it. The beautiful clear night skies, hot sun every day so far (I have never been so brown, and didn’t burn at all despite not using sunscreen) and the best people you could surround yourself with. It is truly amazing spending time with the positive thinking, loving and helpful people that are my new ‘family’.

And if that wasn’t enough, today I made some raw fudge using the hot sun to melt the coconut oil – you can’t get much better than that in my book.


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