Tree of Life (2)

3 weeks in and I have 2 days off in a row, which means much more time to do, well not much really apart from enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful food (which tastes much nicer when someone else has prepared it). Having said that I am already looking forward to being back in the kitchen tomorrow.

Weird to think that what seemed like such a long time before I got here has now turned into the realisation that I only have 7 weeks left, which seems so short.

I have decided to follow the Phase 1 diet (as set out in Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine) for the rest of my time here. A great deal of the food prepared in the cafe is Phase 1 anyway, so all I really need to do is avoid those dishes containing fruit.

Luckily I can still have cacao, and mesquite (which is really Phase 1.5 but who’s counting). In fact I can feel the need to make some more raw fudge …