January 1

Last night was the first NYE since I can remember that I did not have at least one alcoholic drink.  Over the years my tipple of choice had changed from martini to lager, then cider and then wine (I never did find out whether the babycham I used to have at neighbours’ parties when very young contained any alcohol). But last night the strongest thing I drank was a green juice (cucumber, celery and kale if you are interested). After spending the last couple of months in an alcohol free environment even the smell of a glass of wine makes me feel ever so slightly queasy. And this is of course after over a year and a half of being raw and drinking very rarely.

Long may this last!

I don’t wish to make any specific New Year’s resolutions this year, they carry with them the implication that we need to improve ourselves in some way, whereas the truth is that in reality we are all perfect. BUT… we can always set ourselves objectives and consider what we would like to come into our lives in the next few months. In that spirit:

1) Continue to learn as much as possible regarding health, nutrition, raw food prep

2) Make the most of London and everything it has to offer (stop using the weather as an excuse to stay in!)

3) Make more of an effort to see my friends and family

4) Spend more time outside to enjoy Nature and get as much fresh air (and sun?!) as possible.

These are the first few that come to mind, but after all we can make ‘resolutions’ any time of year, not just January 1st.


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