Tiger Nuts

I was given a bag of these a while ago and never really did anything with them – I have never seen a recipe using them or heard anyone talk about them. But I decided to try and make a nut milk and it was absolutely delicious! So I thought I should have a look and see if they are actually good for you, and I discovered that they are not nuts at all, but tubers. They are used for making horchata in Spain, apparently are high in vitamins E and C, and believed to help prevent thrombosis, heart attacks and colon cancer.

Now I just need to use the nut, sorry tuber, pulp…..

Set your videos for Health Food Junkies on Friday 11th, starring our very own Suki and Kate. Suki is also a guest on Richard and Judy earlier on that day. Expect the predictable questions …


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    October 24, 2013 at 4:00 pm

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