Yoga and tax

Have just returned from a fantastic yoga weekend run by Antonia. I went on the same one last year and found it life-changing to say the least. Mind you I had already decided to give up my life of tax by that time, but still. It reinforced in me that it was the right thing to do. This time as well as yoga we had some Qigong sessions as well as yoga – which was a good discipline for me as generally I would think of Qigong as being way too slow. And I think being forced to slow down is a good thing for a lot of us who live in London.

During a couple of the meditation sessions I was getting images of an eagle’s eye, anyone know what that might mean? I am waiting for my copy of ‘Animal Speak’ to arrive to see if that sheds any light on the matter.

I hear that the BBC have removed that part of their website that deals with complementary medicine – ever felt that things are moving backwards? Apparently they say it is because it is ‘incomplete’ and ‘not of a satisfactory editorial standard’. Anyone believe that? Sorry to be so cynical but don’t you think it is more likely that it is due to pressure from the medical establishment (or ‘Big Pharma’ as Mike Adams the Health Ranger would put it). If you have 2 minutes then please email the BBC website to complain!

Good luck to all of you who are currently gearing up for a juice feast – I wonder if next week I will start feeling like there is a party going on that I haven’t been invited to?!

And returning to tax, apparently it has been decided that the wheatgrass drink Tonic Attack should be zero rated for VAT. The reason is because when the Tribunal sampled it they found that ‘it tasted quite unpleasant and not the sort of thing that one might want to take in in any great quantity’ (!) Therefore it could not possibly be a drink.. love the idea of the VAT guys sitting around and drinking wheatgrass. Thanks to Andrew for sharing that gem with me… 


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