Fame at last

The Green Events ‘Food for Thought’ column includes a review of one of my workshops – and here it is. And no the picture is NOT one of my dishes – although I think I recognise it as Alissa Cohen’s strawberry pancakes.  

I still have some spaces left on my workshop this Saturday if anyone wants to learn some easy and delicious raw food recipes! I won’t be holding one in May as all my weekends are booked up, so come now if you can. I am thinking of having a workshop on delicious raw desserts next time (let me know if this is a good idea).

Wanted to sound off about an article in Elle magazine which contained the following gems on an article about water:

1) ‘The body needs a certain amount of fluid to function at its best, mentally and physically, but that fluid can include tea, coffee, fruit juices and soft drinks.’ OMG and this so called advice comes from a ‘nutrition scientist’ from the British Nutrition Foundation. I remember being taught along similar lines when I was at school but that was almost 30 years ago – have things really not moved on in all that time?

2) ‘All that stuff about detoxing is baloney’ says Professor Maughan (professor of sports science at Loughborough University). Tell that to everyone on the global juice feast – and if you want evidence on how good detoxing is for you then look at Suki’s blog.

For more truthful facts about water go to Inspiral Lounge on Tuesday 1st April to hear Joel speak. His previous talks are now up on YouTube.

My cat Jezebel has not been well recently, and not wanting to take her to a vet I decided to talk to Dawn Allen to see if she could find out why she was being sick all the time. The consultation was incredibly interesting (and a bargain) and I found out why she always chose to be sick on the carpet – because she didn’t want the sick to splash back and get on her fur!! Bless her.

SAF is due to open on the 11th – yeaay. Although I have heard that there is only one raw fooder working in the kitchen which is a bit worrying. Still I am sure they will all be converted before long. Don’t think their admin is up to scratch yet though as they are yet to reply to my email regarding a reservation.

On Sunday night I went to kirtan led by Terry at the Special Yoga Centre in Kensal Rise. 1st and 3rd Sundays every month – go, you won’t be disappointed.

And on a final note – the tag on my cup of Yogi Tea says ‘The beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul’. How true.



I have just found out that I have been tagged by Frankie G from the Tree. Does this mean I have ‘made it’ in the world of blogging..?

Ok so here goes:

1) I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and my first memory is of the long flight back to England when I was 3 and I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) settle down to sleep (much to the annoyance of the entire ‘plane).

2) I won the language prize at my junior school – so why oh why did I go on to do Maths at University? I could be happily bi-lingual at least now instead of being an ex tax accountant.

3) My middle name (Gruer) has got nothing to do with cheese, it is the surname of my paternal grandmother (my family are big on family names for some reason). My brother was somewhat luckier than me in ending up with ‘Rome’.

4) I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner since 9 October 2007. Water worked fine while I was in the beautiful clean air of Patagonia, AZ, but now I am back in London my hair is beginning to feel a bit like a dog’s coat.

5) The most exciting evening of my life was meeting Michael Thomas and Kevin Campbell in the Cafe de Paris. I spent all night chatting with Super Kev, but did he call me? Did he heck. If no-one knows who I am talking about then think back to Arsenal under GG.

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