SAF Visit no 3

The Sunday night saw us attempting to find another SAF in the Besiktas area of the city. Again, it wasn’t easy, but after the taxi driver stopping about four times to ask friendly locals the way we eventually found it, as part of a very upmarket sports club. The indoor cafe was a bit smelly, and had the interesting view of sweaty people on treadmills, but luckily they had an outside area where once again they had a SAF menu and also a meat menu. So Andrew was lucky again. The menu was the full SAF menu this time and I ended up with some mini pizzas (one of which had a herbed seed cheese on top which was just like the seed cheese I demo in my workshops!) and some apple cake. Although there were others dining there, it looked like we were the only ones ordering from the SAF menu – although to be fair I would think that it would be more busy during the day than the evening. The waiter was absolutely lovely – he had originally worked at the now closed SAF, and I think somewhere along the way he got the idea that I was a personal friend of Chad’s! So we ended up with another free dessert (cacao cheesecake), which I ended up having for breakfast the next day. My turkish friend just could not believe that chocolate cheesecake was a perfectly normal breakfast..


3 SAFs in 4 Days

Is this a record? I managed to visit 3 SAFs in 4 days. Or does that just make me a Chad Sarno groupie?
First up the new London SAF in Shoreditch where I went for an early birthday celebration last Thursday. 21 again of course. I absolutely loved the space, the food was great, and the staff absolutely lovely. So 10/10 for that one.
Saturday morning after that saw me off to Istanbul for a short holiday staying with an old friend, who had organised a visit to SAF in Istanbul. BUT I soon found out that nothing is simple in Istanbul. The original SAF in the Tunel district had mysteriously ‘moved’ a short distance away to a boutique hotel. After asking directions from at least 10 locals we eventually found it, and were very surprised to be handed a menu with the title of ‘Le Petit Bistro’ or something like that. My Turkish friend questioned the waiter (who had plenty of time to spend with us as we were the only ones eating there, on a Saturday night!) to find out what had happened. Apparently the original SAF had closed down as it wasn’t doing too well (which is hardly surprising in the land of the kebab) and so they had moved to be part of the hotel. Which is all well and good, but the website hadn’t been updated.. and I suspect that many people will be disappointed when they eventually find the new site and realise that meat is being prepared in (persumably) the same kitchen.
Having said that, it worked out well for us as Andrew was able to order a steak, my friend could order her beloved (cooked) pasta and I got to eat a lovely detox salad and some maki rolls. And to end a perfect meal (for me anyway), we were given a free raw chocolate torte and ice-cream. All the excitement made me forget to take any pictures.

ten superfoods to boost your libido

I just had to post this link. Love that there are now even more reasons to eat bee pollen, pumpkin seeds, garlic, gojis and avocado. Who needs oysters?

Natural Products and Geometry

Last weekend I went on a workshop on Sacred Geometry, organised by Alternatives, which was absolutely fascinating and resulted in my adding yet more books to my ongoing wish list. We are SO lucky in London to have all these amazing things going on, all I need is more hours in the day and days in the week to be able to fit everything in! At the start he showed an image which could be perceived as turning both anti-clockwise AND clockwise, and apparently if you saw the image as turning anti-clockwise (as I did) then you are more right-brained. Hurrah, am I getting away from my accountancy and tax background at last!
I followed that up with a trip to the Natural Products Show at Olympia – did a bit of a whizz round and managed to miss all the organised talks, but caught up with some familiar faces – Denise from Rawganik who I first met at the Bristol Vegan Fayre last year (which sadly I am going to miss this year), Briana from Nak’d bars and of course Shazzie and Denise who had the prettiest, sparkliest stall there. I also managed to get hold of Magic Kate’s new book Raw Magic which must be the first recipe book EVER that makes me want to try out every single recipe!
I hear that SAF Restaurant is looking great – can’t wait to try it out – but get it together guys, the website still has no menus online for me to salivate over in the meantime.
Talking of restaurants, Dragonfly Wholefoods on Highgate High Street has a 2 or 3 course set menu raw meal in its cute cafe at the back. A warning, it is pretty big, go hungry or else share!
The date for the Festival of Life has now been set for Saturday 27th September, put the date in your diaries, it is looking like the best one yet.
Despite not yet feeling ready for a Juice Feast I find that I am drinking more and more green juice – my body just doesn’t feel right unless I have about a pint every day. I guess I am being affected by the vibes and love by those radiant beings who are currently juice feasting. So maybe my time will come…