3 SAFs in 4 Days

Is this a record? I managed to visit 3 SAFs in 4 days. Or does that just make me a Chad Sarno groupie?
First up the new London SAF in Shoreditch where I went for an early birthday celebration last Thursday. 21 again of course. I absolutely loved the space, the food was great, and the staff absolutely lovely. So 10/10 for that one.
Saturday morning after that saw me off to Istanbul for a short holiday staying with an old friend, who had organised a visit to SAF in Istanbul. BUT I soon found out that nothing is simple in Istanbul. The original SAF in the Tunel district had mysteriously ‘moved’ a short distance away to a boutique hotel. After asking directions from at least 10 locals we eventually found it, and were very surprised to be handed a menu with the title of ‘Le Petit Bistro’ or something like that. My Turkish friend questioned the waiter (who had plenty of time to spend with us as we were the only ones eating there, on a Saturday night!) to find out what had happened. Apparently the original SAF had closed down as it wasn’t doing too well (which is hardly surprising in the land of the kebab) and so they had moved to be part of the hotel. Which is all well and good, but the website hadn’t been updated.. and I suspect that many people will be disappointed when they eventually find the new site and realise that meat is being prepared in (persumably) the same kitchen.
Having said that, it worked out well for us as Andrew was able to order a steak, my friend could order her beloved (cooked) pasta and I got to eat a lovely detox salad and some maki rolls. And to end a perfect meal (for me anyway), we were given a free raw chocolate torte and ice-cream. All the excitement made me forget to take any pictures.


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