SAF Visit no 3

The Sunday night saw us attempting to find another SAF in the Besiktas area of the city. Again, it wasn’t easy, but after the taxi driver stopping about four times to ask friendly locals the way we eventually found it, as part of a very upmarket sports club. The indoor cafe was a bit smelly, and had the interesting view of sweaty people on treadmills, but luckily they had an outside area where once again they had a SAF menu and also a meat menu. So Andrew was lucky again. The menu was the full SAF menu this time and I ended up with some mini pizzas (one of which had a herbed seed cheese on top which was just like the seed cheese I demo in my workshops!) and some apple cake. Although there were others dining there, it looked like we were the only ones ordering from the SAF menu – although to be fair I would think that it would be more busy during the day than the evening. The waiter was absolutely lovely – he had originally worked at the now closed SAF, and I think somewhere along the way he got the idea that I was a personal friend of Chad’s! So we ended up with another free dessert (cacao cheesecake), which I ended up having for breakfast the next day. My turkish friend just could not believe that chocolate cheesecake was a perfectly normal breakfast..



  1. Antony said,

    May 26, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    Hi Cath –

    A belated happy birthday and thank goodness for your Turkish friend! We found it difficult enough to find the first SAF restaurant (the taxi driver stopped to ask various friendly locals) but the food was delicious once we got there. It would be ((so good)) to be multi-lingual …

    I really hope SAF London takes off … we could do certainly do with more raw restaurants in London 🙂

  2. cathparker said,

    May 27, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Thanks Antony – hope you have had a chance to check out SAF. I have two more trips planned within a week of each other – running the risk of becoming part of the furniture I fear xx

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