The ultimate massage

I have just had the best massage ever. And I mean ever. That is it, I am never going to waste my time getting a massage from anyone else. 2 hours of pretty much non-stop agony from Pan. At first I tried to be very brave and not make a sound, but as soon as she told me that she has men screaming in pain during her massages I decided to let it out. Her advice was to ‘think of nice things’ but that was beyond even my vivid imagination. She found really hard deep rooted knots in my muscles, and also in tendons that I didn’t even know I had!
And despite the agony, I am going back next week for my second session (she recommended three sessions over three weeks in order to get the knots out). As I walked home my legs felt like they didn’t belong to me, my neck feels longer and looser (I can drop my head back totally effortlessly now) and over two hours later I am still tingling.
The toxins started coming out almost as soon as she started – within a few minutes my nose had blocked up and I had to breathe out of my mouth. And bear in mind I have been raw for over 2 years and practise yoga every day…
And I’m not sure exactly what was shaken loose inside me, but on the way home I was craving a glass of cold white wine – and the only time I ever have wine is when I am on holiday with Andrew. Otherwise I don’t even think about it. And once I got home all I wanted to was listen to Coldplay. What is all that about?!

My next workshop is August 31st, please see the workshops page for information. The next one after that will be in October, as September looks very busy with the London Vegan Festival (where I am running a raw chocolate workshop and will have a stall) The Festival of Life and of course The Raw Spirit Festival in beautiful Sedona. Last year this festival was absolutely amazing, and I am sure it will be even better this year.


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