Henley in summer

Apparently GM sugar is about to hit the shelves in the US (and to follow here soon?) and Kelloggs have refused to source only non-GM sugar – so – if you are still eating processed food containing sugar then be warned!

Discussions are going on at the moment to bring in EU rules to limit the maximum strength of supplements – Consumers for Health Choice have a great link on their site which takes you to some standard letters to send to the powers that be if you wish to make your opinion heard.

And – while Wimbledon managed to fit the best ever game in inbetween showers we were not so lucky at the Henley Regatta. Not that rowing really interests me, but it is one of the Great British Events of the summer. And of course we got married at Phyllis Court right next to the finish line. The weather wasn’t quite so nice to us last weekend…


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  1. Antony said,

    August 12, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Hi Cath –

    Yes that was me! What’s the yoga like at Cannons? I mostly go swimming there but am always thinking that I should get myself together enough to go to a class …

    Antony 🙂

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