Freedom and cleansing

Firstly, apologies for the fact that my first newsletter has not yet come out. I wasn’t in the right place when I was spending all week in an office, and since leaving there I have found out that the site hosting the newsletter doesn’t like the anti-virus software I have on my laptop – with the result that my computer crashes whenever I try to start writing the newsletter. Watch this space..

I am just about feeling normal again after leaving the property company I have been working at for the last three months. I found it very hard going backwards in my life to work somewhere that I left 8 years ago – but needs must, I have a trip to Raw Spirit to fund and also a dog sitting trip to New York coming up later in the year.

I took advantage of my last few weeks at the office to do the Master Cleanse for the first time – I didn’t manage the full 10 days as I was teaching a workshop on day 7, but went back to it after the workshop. I came across the book by Tom Woloshyn when I was in Boston last month, and found it very convincing – I had never really ‘got’ the Master Cleanse before then. I won’t go into the details but suffice to say that I didn’t feel hungry at all while I was doing it – which I found incredible, as anyone who knows me knows that I like my food! I tinkered a bit with the recipe for the lemonade – and I did have the odd lemon mousse by adding psyllium to the lemonade mixture. And I felt absolutely fine all the way through, keeping up my normal exercise routine and going to work every day.

My next aim is to do it again and keep it up for the full 10 days this time.

Interestingly, there was an article in a Sunday supplement on cleanses the other day – and of course the Master Cleanse was slated as a fraud. They trotted out all the usual quotes by nutritionists that there is not sufficient nutrition in the lemonade mixture – well correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the whole point that one is giving one’s digestive system a rest… it’s supposed to be a cleanse, not a long term diet. I wonder if the nutritionists these magazines always call on have ever tried cleansing themselves?

From cleansing to healing  – tomorrow I am going to a cacao healing ceremony.  Sounds a bit more fun than drinking lemon juice and maple syrup –

And did you know that compassion and bliss share the same brain wave pattern? With thanks to Laura Fox’s fantastic Raw Spirit Radio Show for that gem!