RIP Jubb’s Longevity

I was SO looking forward to going to one of David Jubb’s talks – finally (due to an extended New York trip) I had enough time – only to find the store shuttered with a note posted in the door simply saying they were closed! Gutted wasn’t the word. Does anyone know any more?
New York is very un-New-York-like weather-wise at the moment – drizzly and overcast. And I hear that London is having the most amazing sunny weather – as a New Yorker was telling me last night. As I always say, it is Americans who are obsessed by the weather, not us Brits. Although I guess I should stop writing about it in that case. Mind you it’s just as well it’s not too cold as the water and heating in the apartment keeps on breaking down..
New York is a great place to spend Christmas – loads of shops and cafes stay open, everyone out on the streets looking at the holiday windows in the big stores, and a Radio City Rockettes show on Christmas Day!
Off to Pure Food and Wine tonight for my first ‘proper’ raw meal this trip – have been making do with mixed greens salads so far while all around me gorge themselves on dead animals..