Fishing and the environment

Catching up on some BBC podcasts I learned that it has been proved that over-fishing is a major factor in climate change. The reason? Fish poo from bony fish such as cod is necessary to keep the ocean water alkaline. Alkaline ocean water is necessary to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Yet again we vegans are helping to save the world….


Raw restaurant news..

I hear a rumour that Dragonfly is up for sale, which is a real shame – especially following on from the closure of Raw in Selfridges and Liverpool Street. Soon we will be back just to Vita Organic, the cafe in Daylesford Organic and SAF, all of which are great obviously but I love the atmosphere and garden in Dragonfly. I suggest we all make sure we go there as much as possible to make the most of it before it goes. Of course maybe someone will buy it and turn it into another raw place!