I am in awe

I have just witnessed something amazing. A butterfly (cabbage white I guess) was fluttering around my vegetables – I just assumed it was going for the kale-ish leaves that are growing (must label plants in future) – and then realised it kept on going back to the same place again and again. I went over to take a look and realised that there were two other white butterflies trapped in some plastic mesh that I had placed over the plants.
Of course I moved the mesh to let them out and the three butterflies flew away. So – the butterfly that kept on returning was obviously trying to free the two trapped ones. Which means that anyone who tries to tell you that insects don’t have a brain or feelings is mistaken!
I am still slightly in awe by what happened. I like to think that it knew I was there and was trying to get my attention – but possibly that is going a bit too far!


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