I have just been for lunch at Vantra in Soho Street and highly recommend it! At the moment they are just serving from the buffet (which was delicious and a bargain at £6 a plate) – soon they will have a raw food selection available all day.

In my opinion it is worth going now anyway just for the buffet or a cup of tea. The space is beautiful, much larger and more comfortable than Vita.


New workshop dates added

As my yoga teaching takes up more of my time (see my website Yoga for a Vibrant Life) there is the risk that my raw food workshops may get overlooked!

So I am having an organising day and have posted dates for my workshops up to the end of March 2011. These are:

Sunday 21st November 2010
Sunday 23rd January 2011
Sunday 20th February 2011
Sunday 27th March 2011

I have not planned any workshops for December 2010 on the assumption that most will be busy with other things that month! However if there is enough interest then I will happily schedule a date – so please let me know.