PETA Superbowl ad deemed too explicit

I am a BIG fan of the Superbowl -we won’t be in the US to watch it this year so will miss out on the ads (which I admit I do enjoy) – and it seems everyone will miss out on the following ad from PETA. Obviously there is no room for sense in the mass of ads for Budweiser and all the others that take up the gaps in play.

I guess they don’t want everyone to choke on their nachos and wings.


Freedom and cleansing

Firstly, apologies for the fact that my first newsletter has not yet come out. I wasn’t in the right place when I was spending all week in an office, and since leaving there I have found out that the site hosting the newsletter doesn’t like the anti-virus software I have on my laptop – with the result that my computer crashes whenever I try to start writing the newsletter. Watch this space..

I am just about feeling normal again after leaving the property company I have been working at for the last three months. I found it very hard going backwards in my life to work somewhere that I left 8 years ago – but needs must, I have a trip to Raw Spirit to fund and also a dog sitting trip to New York coming up later in the year.

I took advantage of my last few weeks at the office to do the Master Cleanse for the first time – I didn’t manage the full 10 days as I was teaching a workshop on day 7, but went back to it after the workshop. I came across the book by Tom Woloshyn when I was in Boston last month, and found it very convincing – I had never really ‘got’ the Master Cleanse before then. I won’t go into the details but suffice to say that I didn’t feel hungry at all while I was doing it – which I found incredible, as anyone who knows me knows that I like my food! I tinkered a bit with the recipe for the lemonade – and I did have the odd lemon mousse by adding psyllium to the lemonade mixture. And I felt absolutely fine all the way through, keeping up my normal exercise routine and going to work every day.

My next aim is to do it again and keep it up for the full 10 days this time.

Interestingly, there was an article in a Sunday supplement on cleanses the other day – and of course the Master Cleanse was slated as a fraud. They trotted out all the usual quotes by nutritionists that there is not sufficient nutrition in the lemonade mixture – well correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the whole point that one is giving one’s digestive system a rest… it’s supposed to be a cleanse, not a long term diet. I wonder if the nutritionists these magazines always call on have ever tried cleansing themselves?

From cleansing to healing  – tomorrow I am going to a cacao healing ceremony.  Sounds a bit more fun than drinking lemon juice and maple syrup –

And did you know that compassion and bliss share the same brain wave pattern? With thanks to Laura Fox’s fantastic Raw Spirit Radio Show for that gem!

Henley in summer

Apparently GM sugar is about to hit the shelves in the US (and to follow here soon?) and Kelloggs have refused to source only non-GM sugar – so – if you are still eating processed food containing sugar then be warned!

Discussions are going on at the moment to bring in EU rules to limit the maximum strength of supplements – Consumers for Health Choice have a great link on their site which takes you to some standard letters to send to the powers that be if you wish to make your opinion heard.

And – while Wimbledon managed to fit the best ever game in inbetween showers we were not so lucky at the Henley Regatta. Not that rowing really interests me, but it is one of the Great British Events of the summer. And of course we got married at Phyllis Court right next to the finish line. The weather wasn’t quite so nice to us last weekend…

On YouTube at last

So there I was minding my own business, chatting to Liam about buying a micro-food farm to grow my own food, when he starts filming me, and next thing I know I am on IsTube. I actually talked non-stop for half an hour, luckily he edited it down to 10 minutes so you don’t have to get too bored.

It’s the morning after my amazing massage and my body is still tingling. Let’s see how my morning run goes.

The ultimate massage

I have just had the best massage ever. And I mean ever. That is it, I am never going to waste my time getting a massage from anyone else. 2 hours of pretty much non-stop agony from Pan. At first I tried to be very brave and not make a sound, but as soon as she told me that she has men screaming in pain during her massages I decided to let it out. Her advice was to ‘think of nice things’ but that was beyond even my vivid imagination. She found really hard deep rooted knots in my muscles, and also in tendons that I didn’t even know I had!
And despite the agony, I am going back next week for my second session (she recommended three sessions over three weeks in order to get the knots out). As I walked home my legs felt like they didn’t belong to me, my neck feels longer and looser (I can drop my head back totally effortlessly now) and over two hours later I am still tingling.
The toxins started coming out almost as soon as she started – within a few minutes my nose had blocked up and I had to breathe out of my mouth. And bear in mind I have been raw for over 2 years and practise yoga every day…
And I’m not sure exactly what was shaken loose inside me, but on the way home I was craving a glass of cold white wine – and the only time I ever have wine is when I am on holiday with Andrew. Otherwise I don’t even think about it. And once I got home all I wanted to was listen to Coldplay. What is all that about?!

My next workshop is August 31st, please see the workshops page for information. The next one after that will be in October, as September looks very busy with the London Vegan Festival (where I am running a raw chocolate workshop and will have a stall) The Festival of Life and of course The Raw Spirit Festival in beautiful Sedona. Last year this festival was absolutely amazing, and I am sure it will be even better this year.

Natural Products and Geometry

Last weekend I went on a workshop on Sacred Geometry, organised by Alternatives, which was absolutely fascinating and resulted in my adding yet more books to my ongoing wish list. We are SO lucky in London to have all these amazing things going on, all I need is more hours in the day and days in the week to be able to fit everything in! At the start he showed an image which could be perceived as turning both anti-clockwise AND clockwise, and apparently if you saw the image as turning anti-clockwise (as I did) then you are more right-brained. Hurrah, am I getting away from my accountancy and tax background at last!
I followed that up with a trip to the Natural Products Show at Olympia – did a bit of a whizz round and managed to miss all the organised talks, but caught up with some familiar faces – Denise from Rawganik who I first met at the Bristol Vegan Fayre last year (which sadly I am going to miss this year), Briana from Nak’d bars and of course Shazzie and Denise who had the prettiest, sparkliest stall there. I also managed to get hold of Magic Kate’s new book Raw Magic which must be the first recipe book EVER that makes me want to try out every single recipe!
I hear that SAF Restaurant is looking great – can’t wait to try it out – but get it together guys, the website still has no menus online for me to salivate over in the meantime.
Talking of restaurants, Dragonfly Wholefoods on Highgate High Street has a 2 or 3 course set menu raw meal in its cute cafe at the back. A warning, it is pretty big, go hungry or else share!
The date for the Festival of Life has now been set for Saturday 27th September, put the date in your diaries, it is looking like the best one yet.
Despite not yet feeling ready for a Juice Feast I find that I am drinking more and more green juice – my body just doesn’t feel right unless I have about a pint every day. I guess I am being affected by the vibes and love by those radiant beings who are currently juice feasting. So maybe my time will come…

Fame at last

The Green Events ‘Food for Thought’ column includes a review of one of my workshops – and here it is. And no the picture is NOT one of my dishes – although I think I recognise it as Alissa Cohen’s strawberry pancakes.  

I still have some spaces left on my workshop this Saturday if anyone wants to learn some easy and delicious raw food recipes! I won’t be holding one in May as all my weekends are booked up, so come now if you can. I am thinking of having a workshop on delicious raw desserts next time (let me know if this is a good idea).

Wanted to sound off about an article in Elle magazine which contained the following gems on an article about water:

1) ‘The body needs a certain amount of fluid to function at its best, mentally and physically, but that fluid can include tea, coffee, fruit juices and soft drinks.’ OMG and this so called advice comes from a ‘nutrition scientist’ from the British Nutrition Foundation. I remember being taught along similar lines when I was at school but that was almost 30 years ago – have things really not moved on in all that time?

2) ‘All that stuff about detoxing is baloney’ says Professor Maughan (professor of sports science at Loughborough University). Tell that to everyone on the global juice feast – and if you want evidence on how good detoxing is for you then look at Suki’s blog.

For more truthful facts about water go to Inspiral Lounge on Tuesday 1st April to hear Joel speak. His previous talks are now up on YouTube.

My cat Jezebel has not been well recently, and not wanting to take her to a vet I decided to talk to Dawn Allen to see if she could find out why she was being sick all the time. The consultation was incredibly interesting (and a bargain) and I found out why she always chose to be sick on the carpet – because she didn’t want the sick to splash back and get on her fur!! Bless her.

SAF is due to open on the 11th – yeaay. Although I have heard that there is only one raw fooder working in the kitchen which is a bit worrying. Still I am sure they will all be converted before long. Don’t think their admin is up to scratch yet though as they are yet to reply to my email regarding a reservation.

On Sunday night I went to kirtan led by Terry at the Special Yoga Centre in Kensal Rise. 1st and 3rd Sundays every month – go, you won’t be disappointed.

And on a final note – the tag on my cup of Yogi Tea says ‘The beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul’. How true.

Yoga and tax

Have just returned from a fantastic yoga weekend run by Antonia. I went on the same one last year and found it life-changing to say the least. Mind you I had already decided to give up my life of tax by that time, but still. It reinforced in me that it was the right thing to do. This time as well as yoga we had some Qigong sessions as well as yoga – which was a good discipline for me as generally I would think of Qigong as being way too slow. And I think being forced to slow down is a good thing for a lot of us who live in London.

During a couple of the meditation sessions I was getting images of an eagle’s eye, anyone know what that might mean? I am waiting for my copy of ‘Animal Speak’ to arrive to see if that sheds any light on the matter.

I hear that the BBC have removed that part of their website that deals with complementary medicine – ever felt that things are moving backwards? Apparently they say it is because it is ‘incomplete’ and ‘not of a satisfactory editorial standard’. Anyone believe that? Sorry to be so cynical but don’t you think it is more likely that it is due to pressure from the medical establishment (or ‘Big Pharma’ as Mike Adams the Health Ranger would put it). If you have 2 minutes then please email the BBC website to complain!

Good luck to all of you who are currently gearing up for a juice feast – I wonder if next week I will start feeling like there is a party going on that I haven’t been invited to?!

And returning to tax, apparently it has been decided that the wheatgrass drink Tonic Attack should be zero rated for VAT. The reason is because when the Tribunal sampled it they found that ‘it tasted quite unpleasant and not the sort of thing that one might want to take in in any great quantity’ (!) Therefore it could not possibly be a drink.. love the idea of the VAT guys sitting around and drinking wheatgrass. Thanks to Andrew for sharing that gem with me… 

New workshop date

My next workshop date is Saturday 5th April, 10am to 4pm as usual. See my ‘workshops’ page for more information or contact me! During the day I will show you how to make some delicious and easy raw food meals  – which are relevant whether you are thinking of going completely raw, or simply increasing the level of raw foods in your diet.

Corinna gave me a ‘The Secret’ calendar, and the best entry so far has been the one from 11th February – ‘In his book The Master Key System, Charles Haanel claims that there is an affirmation that incorporates every single thing that a human being can want, and that this affirmation will bring about harmonious conditions to all things. He adds, “The reason for this is because the affirmation is in strict accordance with the Truth, and when Truth appears every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear.” The affirmation is this: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”‘

Now just to learn it off by heart so that I can stop carrying the piece of paper around with me.

One of the weirdest items of news that I heard recently was that Smarties are going to re-introduce the blue smartie. And what are they using for the colouring? A spirulina extract. Now I am sure that ‘extract’ is the operative word here, and that all the goodness will have been taken out, but it did conjure up an image in my mind of what the combination of supercharged high protein spirulina and junk food high-sugar candy might do to children..

Finally I learned the other day that one of my cats is in fact a reincarnated tiger, and is none too happy with now being a mere domestic cat. Especially one who has to share a house with another cat that she clearly does not get on with.  It certainly explains why she has ripped holes in pretty much all of Andrew’s clothes.

I guess what I have to find out next is what animal my other cat was in a past life.

Organic or not?

My answer to this would normally be – YES! Without question. But I appreciate that although it is reasonably easy to obtain organic fruit and vegetables in London, that is not necessarily the story in other parts of the UK (and elsewhere in the world). So I was very pleased when I came across this guide.
I was specially pleased when I saw that avocados are right at the bottom of the list, ie even non-organic avos have very low amounts of pesticides, yeeaay! I had heard this before but it is nice for it to be verified.
So go ahead and eat non-organic avos if that is all you can get – they are the best ever!

I was going to write about how cross ‘Supersize vs Super Skinny’ made me feel last night (Ch 4). How they could say that an admittedly slightly underweight woman could be compared to a (in my opinion) morbidly obese man – well I have decided it is not even worth getting angry about. BUT, to make her eat the revolting food that he ate?  I feel that is totally irresponsible and could have been highly dangerous. I agree that she didn’t eat very much, but hey, she was still active and looked gorgeous (which is more than could be said for him!). Still it is not worth getting angry about, serves me right for watching the goggle box in the first place. (But congratulations for both of him for having the courage to be filmed in their undies!)

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