Click for a review of one of my classes from Green Events.

‘You are very knowledgeable and have opened up a whole new exciting world to me! My husband ADORED the raw chocolate and the cookie balls… he said, he wants more and that he wants to try the other recipes. He literally said, I can’t wait to try them!!!’ Guendalina, Dallas, Texas

‘This was much more than I expected – it’s a perfect introduction to eating more raw. You are a really good teacher – I felt I could ask you anything’ Sally, London

‘Very enjoyable – brilliant and relaxed food and presentation’ David, London

‘Loved the spag bol – thanks for the inspiration!’ Sue, London

‘I loved every single moment of the day, seeing how to prepare the food makes your mouth water and then when you try it is even better’ Pilar, London

‘Thank you for a great day and for showing the fun side of raw food’ Sam, Reading

‘The food was delicious and as well as being extremely healthy, it changed my opinion on how delicious raw food can be. Cath has a professional and open approach to her work, as well as an incredible knowledge of the minerals and vitamins contained in what she uses and around the whole raw food area.’ – Anthea, London

‘Thanks for a great weekend. I got so much from it, you are such a mine of information’ – Cazz, Kent

‘First class and lots of fun’ – Maria, London

‘Your crackers are the best raw crackers I have tasted’ – Shahnaz, London

‘The whole thing was perfect’ – Ruth, London

‘My husband, who hadn’t liked raw chocolate before,  does now!’ – Debbie, Reading

‘You have a lovely style – we learnt a lot!’ – Kate, London

‘I gathered a lot of knowledge in a short space of time’ – Marie, London

‘I loved the bolognaise sauce with veggie pasta’ – David, London

‘The food was delicious and I feel very confident that I can continue with my raw food diet. Thanks again’ – Loan, London

 ‘Your chocolate is Amazing (with a capital ‘A’).  You have a wonderful talent.’ – Ami, London

‘Can I eat here every day?!’ – Renee, London


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